Ron has assisted thousands of individuals, couples, families, groups, employers and employees with a wide variety of problems. A short list of examples: communication, conflict resolution, critical incident stress, depression, extended family challenges, fears, grief/loss, job difficulties, stress, trauma, and unemployment. While providing a safe, respectful and non judgmental environment, Ron encourages his clients to discuss their concerns at a pace that is comfortable for them. Any information shared is considered confidential except for child abuse activity, intent to harm oneself or others, or when notes are subpoenaed by legal or court representatives.

It is not the intervention model that determines the outcome in therapy; it is the relationship created between the client and the counsellor that really matters. If this relationship is positive, good things can happen. Although Ron draws from the principles of many therapy models, he focuses on listening, supporting and encouraging his clients to explore their thoughts and feelings and various ways to manage their concerns.

Ron operates within a wellness paradigm and believes that people are resilient and often require just a little support to discover their own answers to their challenges. Some clients find what they need in a few sessions while others require more. The number of sessions needed is usually determined by the complexity of the concern and is always open to discussion.

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